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​​​My Story:
About the Henna Influence found Lurking arond in most of art...... As a mixed Media Artist any & all of my inspiration is taken from everyday life.  The base of my design begins in realism, an artistic talent that I was born with, then my henna art skills are sprinkled in like the spice of life and Viola!  Bajidoo Art is born....
  1. The Gathering
    The Gathering
    Watercolor Wild Birds on Water Color Paper
  2. Peacock Walk
    Peacock Walk
    Mixed media on Watercolor Paper
  3. Ghost
    Charcoal Panther sketch from one of my art journals
  4. Harriet
    Mixed media on Canvas
  5. Crossroads
    Mixed media on Bristol Smooth
  6. Her Majesty
    Her Majesty
    Henna Fusion Drawing. Pen & Ink with markers
  7. Dragon Fly Race
    Dragon Fly Race
    Henna Fusion Drawing Pen & Ink with Markers
  8. Gossip
    Downloadable Coloring Page
  9. Peaches
    Downloadable coloring page
  10. Envy
    Downloadable Coloring Page
  11. The fisherman
    The fisherman
    Downloadable coloring page
  12. Leena Lion
    Leena Lion
    Downloadable coloring page
  13. Passion Paisley
    Passion Paisley
    Downloadable Coloring Page
  14. Black Henna Bangle Bracelets
    Black Henna Bangle Bracelets
    Bangles from DIY kits on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas
  15. Pink Henna Peony Hand Painted Bangle
    Pink Henna Peony Hand Painted Bangle
    Mixed media Hand Panted and treated surface, Bangle Braclet
  16. Hand Painted Bangles
    Hand Painted Bangles
    Celtic dragon & colorful Henna Fusion Design, on Bangle Bracelets
  17. The Hatters Fairy
    The Hatters Fairy
    OOAK Art Doll by Brenda
  18. Little  Red (Mermaid)
    Little Red (Mermaid)
    OOAK Art Dolls by Brenda
  19. Isabella
    OOAK Art Dolls by Brenda
  20. White Lotus
    White Lotus
    Oil on Artboard
  21. Rainbow Corn Flowers
    Rainbow Corn Flowers
    Water Color and Pen & Ink on Bristol Smooth
  22. Petals and leaves
    Petals and leaves
    Mixed Media
  23. Daffs
    Mixed Media on Bristol
  24. Aeonium large Purple Rosettes
    Aeonium large Purple Rosettes
    Color Pencil on Velum
  25. Champion Rose
    Champion Rose
    Colored Pencil, Vintage
  26. Star Gazer
    Star Gazer
    Water color Mixed Media on Watercolor paper
  27. Rainbow Henna Floral
    Rainbow Henna Floral
    Markers on Bristol Smooth
  28. Waiting
    Mixed Media on Bristol Smooth
  29. She Wore a Dragon Fly
    She Wore a Dragon Fly
    Mixed Media on Bristol Smooth
  30. Kadie Rose
    Kadie Rose
    Mixed media on Bristol Smooth
  31. Peaches
    Mixed Media & water color on water color paper
  32. Vintage Girl
    Vintage Girl
    Ink and Colored Pencil, on Bristol Smooth
  33. The Gypsy
    The Gypsy
    Ink Crows Quill Drawing on Drawing Paper
  34. Ginger
    Pen & Ink on Bristol Smooth
  35. My Mona Lisa
    My Mona Lisa
    Prismacolor Colored Pencil & Ink, on Bristol Smooth
  36. Crystal Gypsy
    Crystal Gypsy
    Pen & Ink and Watercolor, on Watercolor paper